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  • EGU news
  • 24 February 2021

What lessons can you take from this year’s virtual General Assembly to make your in-person conferences greener?

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Ocean Science

Response of tidal flow regime and sediment transport in North Malé Atoll, Maldives, to coastal modification and sea level rise

Changes to coastlines and bathymetry alter tidal dynamics and associated sediment transport processes, impacting upon a number of threats facing coastal regions, including flood risk and erosion. Especially vulnerable are coral atolls such as those that make up the Maldives archipelago, which has undergone significant land reclamation in recent years and decades and is also particularly exposed to sea level rise.

Earth System Dynamics

Assessment of a full-field initialized decadal climate prediction system with the CMIP6 version of EC-Earth

In this paper, we present and evaluate the skill of an EC-Earth 3.3 decadal prediction system contributing to the Decadal Climate Prediction Project – Component A (DCPP-A). This prediction system is capable of skilfully simulating past global mean surface temperature variations at interannual and decadal forecast times as well as the local surface temperature in regions such as the tropical Atlantic, the Indian Ocean and most of the continental areas, although most of the skill comes from the representation of the external radiative forcings.

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Did you know that glacier mass loss affects water resources?

The picture above shows a typical Kyrgyz summer yurt camp, located in the valley of Altyn-Arashan, Kyrgyzstan. The stream you see flowing through comes from the glacier-fed lake of Ala-Kul, the gorgeous turquoise water featured below. The families who live there during summer have done so for generations, and travel up with their herds of horses and cows. The stream provides the water they need for themselves and their cattle. Because of the babbling brooks and luscious grass, it seems …

The Sassy Scientist – Pivoting to Business

The Sassy Scientist – Pivoting to Business

Frank freely admits he did a PhD because he didn’t feel ready to join the corporate world. Ties strangle him and he’s only ever seen 7am from the wrong side. But as universities and funding agencies request more performance metrics and research valorisation plans, he reached out to the Sassy Scientist to ask: What can geodynamicists learn from the business world? Dear Frank, Low-hanging fruit, Frank, low-hanging fruit. That’s always the best place to begin your journey to scientific professionalism. …

Writing a research vision statement in a pandemic

Writing a research vision statement in a pandemic

Tom Gleeson, University of Victoria with lots of input from the GSAS research collective We’ve all done weird, new things in the pandemic. We have tried Zoom parlour games and a few of us have done the pandemic tropes of giving bread baking or even giving a new fitness regime a try. Strangely, the very last thing that we did together in person as a research group before the first pandemic lockdown was conduct our first brainstorming session for writing …