Outstanding Young Scientist Awards 2007 Appy Sluijs

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Appy Sluijs

Appy Sluijs
Appy Sluijs

The 2007 Outstanding Young Scientist Award is awarded to Appy Sluijs for his ground-breaking research on the Palaeocene – Eocene thermal maximum which has significantly improved our understanding of extreme warm phases in Earth History and their implications for the carbon cycle.

The multidisciplinary studies of Sluijs principally focusing on the Palaeocene-Ecocene thermal maximum (PETM) have contributed greatly to our understanding of this extreme warm phase in Earth History. His original and ground-breaking research has significantly innovated our understanding of such events and the carbon cycle.

His integrated studies of biotic remains (dinoflagellates) with inorganic and notably organic geochemistry, falls excellently within the field of Biogeosciences. His papers represent the state-of-the-art in the field.