Hannes Alfvén Medal 1999 Gerhard Haerendel

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Gerhard Haerendel

Gerhard Haerendel
Gerhard Haerendel

The 1999 Hannes Alfvén Medal is awarded to Gerhard Haerendel for his pioneering experimental and theoretical work in ionospheric, magnetospheric and astrophysical plasma physics.

Gerhard Haerendel, Director at the Max-Planck-Institut für Extraterrestrische Physik in Munich, receives the 1999 Hannes Alfvén Medal for his outstanding achievements in Solar-Terrestrial sciences.

Haerendel became famous for his early barium cloud release experiments, and he is one of the fathers of the CLUSTER mission. His pioneering work opened a new view towards the understanding of plasma in space and its interaction with the solar wind.

Newsletter 67, 38, 1998