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Roberto Benzi

Roberto Benzi
Roberto Benzi

The 2006 Lewis Fry Richardson Medal is awarded to Roberto Benzi for his original work on hydrodynamic stability, stochastic resonance in climate change, lattice Boltzmann methods, and the theoretical and numerical aspects of turbulence.

Roberto Benzi has made major contributions to the study of nonlinear phenomena and processes, in the geosciences and elsewhere. They include:

In addition to having written many seminal papers, Benzi is also editor or co-editor of four books, in the area of atmospheric sciences and turbulence.

Benzi has been a major leader in Italy in the development of computational fluid dynamics. He has trained many students in computational and theoretical work on turbulence.

While a Research Fellowship at the Istituto di Fisica dell’Atmosfera (IFA) of the CNR in Rome (1978-1981), Benzi has also been a visitor at Yale University (1979-1981). He then became a member of the Research Staff (1981) at the IBM Scientific Center in Rome (later the IBM European Research Center (ECSEC) in Rome), where he took on increasingly important responsibilities, as Project Leader on Atmospheric Science (1982) and Manager of the Computational Physics Group (1985). Testifying to his impact on computational fluid dynamics, he was awarded the IBM International Award for outstanding scientific and technical achievement (1984).

Benzi is a Full Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Roma II, “Tor Vergata,” since 2000. He has also been Consultant to the Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri for Meteorological National Services and a member of the “Autorità per l’Informatica nella Pubblica Amministrazione” (AIPA), nominated by the Prime Minister to develop and redesign the information systems of the Italian public administration.