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Awards & medals nomination

The EGU awards & medals programme recognises every year eminent scientists for their outstanding research contribution in the Earth, planetary and space sciences, and identifies the awardees as role models for the next generation of early career scientists to foster geosciences research.

Checklist for submitting nominations

  1. Have you read the guidelines for proposal and selection of candidates and the relevant best practices carefully?
  2. Do you know that members of the medal committees are not eligible for that medal for two years after stepping down from their service?
  3. Did you check whether previous honours were received from EGU/EUG/EGS by the person you are nominating and that they are compatible with your nomination?
  4. Are you submitting a joint nomination? If so, are you aware of the implications? It is possible to award recognition shared between individuals; in such a case the relevant recognition will not subsequently be awarded for as many years as the number of recipients exceeds one (two years for two recipients, three years for three recipients etc.).
  5. Did you check the nomination letters, support letters and CV meet the requirements and do not exceed the maximum length?
  6. Does your nomination letter clearly explain why the candidate deserves this recognition, in particular does it focus on the candidate's scientific contributions to the field, their importance, their impact on the discipline and their implications for the future?
  7. Did you make sure that support letters are written by individuals other than the nominators?
  8. Did you check whether supporting letters clearly establish the nominee's recognised contribution to the field?
  9. Did you prepare all the documents in PDF format and combine them into a single file (e.g., PDF, ZIP, TGZ or RAR format)?
  10. Do you have EGU membership for the current year?

Submit a new nomination

Awards & medals nominations for the year 2019 are currently open.

Please use the awards & medals nomination form to propose a candidate for the year 2019 (submission deadline 15 June 2019). Please read the guidelines above carefully before submitting.

Need help?

For more information, please contact:

Özgür Karatekin

Özgür Karatekin

Awards Committee Chair