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EMRP Earth Magnetism & Rock Physics Division on Earth Magnetism & Rock Physics

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Division on Earth Magnetism & Rock Physics

Division on Earth Magnetism & Rock Physics

President: Fabio Florindo (
Deputy President: Eric Font (
Deputy President: Sergio Vinciguerra (

The Earth is a dynamical planet: its interiors’ electro-magnetism and physical properties contribute to this exciting property of our planet. The Earth Magnetism & Rock Physics (EMRP) Division addresses the experimental, theoretical and modeling approaches of fundamental solid-Earth and magneto-hydrodynamic processes that extend from the Earth’s surface to the core. A continuous demand for a better understanding of the magneto-hydrodynamic and physical processes responsible for the Earth’s magnetic field spatial and temporal variability is required. Theoretical and experimental aspects of rock physics, environmental magnetism, magnetic anomalies and plate tectonic reconstructions, magnetic polarity reversals, petrophysical assessment throughout physical, mechanical and magnetic properties, electrical conductivity and transport properties of the Earth’s crust and mantle are some of the key topics of research of our ‘living planet’ to which this division is dedicated.

The division awards the Louis Néel and the Petrus Peregrinus medals for outstanding contributions to geomagnetism, palaeomagnetism and rock physics.

In line with EGU and the other divisions, EMRP is actively trying to engage with early career scientists (ECS). The ECS representative of EMRP division is working with the other divisions ECS representatives to improve visibility of ECS concerns, as well as, help out with any ECS related issues (e.g. first attendance at EGU General Assembly and how to organize sessions).

Check out the ECS section for more information ( or contact directly the ECS representative of EMRP division (see at

Recent awardees

Rixiang Zhu

Rixiang Zhu

  • 2020
  • Petrus Peregrinus Medal

The 2020 Petrus Peregrinus Medal is awarded to Rixiang Zhu for his outstanding accomplishments in magnetism and paleomagnetism and his extraordinary support of the scientific community.

Wenlu Zhu

Wenlu Zhu

  • 2020
  • Louis Néel Medal

The 2020 Louis Néel Medal is awarded to Wenlu Zhu for her exceptional contributions to understanding coupling between fluids and rock deformation and in recognition of her role in promoting women in science and rock physics globally.

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