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GA 2014 Posters

Dear Geomorphology convener / co-convener of the EGU 2014 meeting

This year seven posters have been nominated for the Young Geomorphologist's Outstanding Poster (OSP) Award. These posters represent the best poster from the Geomorphology Session resulting from the evaluation of the GM-conveners at the EGU-meeting. You are now asked to help find the GM-poster of the year 2014.

Please vote for the best and second best poster from the following list below and send your vote to, including your name and the GM code of the session you convened/co-convened. You are not allowed to vote for a poster from your own session.

Posters can be downloaded as one set (24.5 MB) or as individual posters from the list below.

Thanks for your help,

Poster by Session:
Preview Session Name Title
creason.jpeg GM 3.1 Creason, C.G. An exhumation history of Hall Peninsula, Baffin Island derived from low-T thermochronology and 3D thermokinematic modeling
eichel.jpeg GM 4.4 Eichel, J. Biogeomorphic interaction and patterns on Little Ice Age lateral moraines
bloethe.jpeg GM 6.1 Blöthe, J. Large landslides lie low: Vertical domains of denudation processes in the arid Himalaya-Karakoram orogen
messenzehl.jpeg GM 6.1 Messenzehl, K. Identification of critical factors for the instability of permafrost-affected rockwalls in the Turtmann valley (Swiss Alps)
cescon.jpeg GM 8.1 Cescon, A.L. Beach ridge sedimentology: field observation and palaeoenvironmental interpretation for Anegada Island, British Virgin Islands
correia.jpg GM 8.1 Correia, R. Seabed morphology along the rocky shore of the Barlavento Coast, southern Portuguese continental shelf
raack.jpg GM 10.1 Raack, J. Present-Day Seasonal Gully Activity in a South Polar Pit (Sisyphi Cavi) on Mars