Job advertisement Research Professor in Earth Surface Processes in the anthropocene

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Research Professor in Earth Surface Processes in the anthropocene

Research Professor in Earth Surface Processes in the anthropocene


KU Leuven

The Research unit Geography and Tourism within the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences conducts research and provides academic training in the interrelated fields of earth surface processes and climate, society and space, tourism research and education in geosciences. This research unit has systematically been given a high ranking for research and education quality by independent accreditation committees. The research unit has internationally renowned experience in studying earth surface processes (including research by EGU medal awardees Jean Poesen and Gerard Govers). Pioneering work on process geomorphology, later connected to bio-geochemistry and landscape evolution both in natural and anthropogenic conditions have been performed here. With increasing pressure on the earths’ surface from anthropogenic activities (agriculture, urbanization, infrastructure, dams, ..), a process-based understanding of human-landscape interactions is key to understand and predict rapid transformations in the landscape and to guide adaptations of human activities. To strengthen these activities, the research unit is looking for an internationally-oriented candidate with a strong track record in earth surface processes.


Leuven, Belgium


Relevant divisions
Geomorphology (GM)
Hydrological Sciences (HS)
Soil System Sciences (SSS)

Full time



Required education

Application deadline
18 September 2020

4 June 2020

Job description

The Science, Engineering and Technology Group of KU Leuven, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, invites scholars to apply for a full‐time research professorship in the Research unit Geography and Tourism. This position is funded by the Special Research Fund (BOFZAP), established by the Flemish Government.

We are looking for motivated and internationally oriented candidates with an excellent research record and with educational competence in the field of earth surface processes in the anthropocene. The appointment is expected to start on October 1, 2021.

It is part of the assignment of the appointed candidate to develop, within the domain of earth surface processes in the anthropocene an international, competitive research programme, to pursue excellent scientific results at an international level and to support and promote national and international research partnerships. The candidate must meet a strong research profile or have the potential to do so. In addition, the candidate is expected to have a multidisciplinary attitude and a willingness to cooperate intensively with other researchers and research units at KU Leuven, such as: soil science, biogeochemistry, ecology, geology, hydrology, atmospheric sciences, geoarchaeology, and/or socio-economic sciences.

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How to apply

Applications will be evaluated in parallel and independently by 1) the KU Leuven Research Council in a competitive process across academic domains and 2) the faculty advisory committee. A two-step application procedure is to be followed. A pre-application has to be submitted by September 18th after which a first selection by the KU Leuven Research Council follows. Candidates that are shortlisted will be invited for a full application to be submitted by November 3th and will also have to give a research seminar in Leuven in December 2020. More info on how to apply can be found on