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Data Scientist, Climate Analytics

Data Scientist, Climate Analytics

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You’ll work with McKinsey’s Climate Analytics team, ideally co-located with our team in Denver or Brussel.
Although remote work can be considered. (Please note that all work right now is remote due to COVID-19). Our Climate Analytics team is McKinsey’s core team of experts who analyze, and generate insights from, the quantitative impact of climate change for our clients.
McKinsey’s Climate Analytics team is a small, close-knit team of ~8 within a broader team called ACRE. ACRE is composed of ~40 data scientists, engineers and expert consultants dedicated to conducting advanced analytics for food and agriculture clients. Although our Climate Analytics team is officially part of ACRE, and many of your core clients served will be agriculture clients because of this, our Climate Analytics team works across all sectors at McKinsey being impacted by climate change—for example, the public, energy, and financial sectors. Regardless of the sectors in which you work, you will get the opportunity to work with multi-disciplinary teams with digital, analytics, research and business backgrounds.
ACRE—and through extension, our Climate Analytics team—is an agile team within the firm whose goal is to use the latest analytical methods, incubate new technologies and drive innovative ways to develop new opportunities for the firm to make significant and lasting client impact – redefining what it means to provide the “best of the firm” to our clients.


Brussels, Belgium


Relevant divisions
Atmospheric Sciences (AS)
Climate: Past, Present & Future (CL)
Hydrological Sciences (HS)

Full time

Entry level


Preferred education

Application deadline
Open until the position is filled

6 July 2020

Job description

You will leverage deep knowledge of climate and earth systems as well as analytical expertise to provide insights to clients (as part of a client service team), within ACRE by strengthening our core client product offerings, and across McKinsey and the public by synthesizing and disseminating climate-related insights via internally and externally published articles and visualizations.
Approximately half of your time will be spent solving specific business problems on client projects (either remotely or on site) and the other half of your time spent developing new, or improving upon existing, products for the Climate Analytics team within ACRE.
As a member of a client service team, you will leverage your creativity and problem-solving skills to design solutions to core business problems that best meet client needs and communicate the outcomes and insights of your work to primarily non-technical executive audiences. Some of the issues we are tasked with on a client project include: retrieving and processing large amounts of data from cloud storage, conducting analyses and generating insight based on medium to long term projected changes in climate, and more generally utilizing climate domain expertise to provide climate-specific insight and inform strategy for addressing climate risk across industries.
When working internally with the ACRE team, you will improve current product offerings (what we call “IP development”) to best meet our most common client needs. You will work in a collaborative agile team environment where you will bring together a variety of global data sources, implement different algorithms and utilize cutting edge methodologies and approaches to develop proprietary solutions. You will work together with our data engineering team to design and deploy applications and dashboards to deliver faster, more impactful insights to our clients.
Along the way, you will learn how to structure business problems and serve as a client advisor while working closely with other data scientists/engineers and senior leaders across industries shaping the future of climate. You will have access to unparalleled career acceleration, with ownership and responsibility to lead the work you do from day one in a collaborative, diverse, non-hierarchical environment. You will have the opportunity to travel to client sites, locally and around the world. Lastly, you will be able to provide direct and measurable impact to some of the largest players from energy to agriculture around the globe.