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Crowds at the EGU 2017 General Assembly (Credit: EGU/Foto Pfluegl)

Meetings Conference series: Requirements and benefits

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Conference series: Requirements and benefits

December 2018

EGU supports a number of conferences in the so-called EGU Conference Series. These conferences generally take place every two years and have a scheme that fits the area of one or more of the EGU divisions. All conferences are named after a past prominent geoscientist.


EGU funds these conferences with EUR 5000, to be used towards supporting early career scientists to attend the events. EGU branding gives the conferences increased visibility and reputation.


The conferences need to be clearly visible as EGU conferences. Strong EGU branding is therefore required. This involves that the website is set up by Copernicus. Whereas webhosting is mandatory it is also strongly recommended to have registration through Copernicus. For these services the local organisers need to sign a contract with Copernicus. EGU contributes EUR 3000 to cover most of the costs of these services in addition to the EUR 5000 allocated to support the participation of early career scientists.

Benefits and requirements are coupled. The support of early career scientists is granted only if part of the organisation is through Copernicus (namely webhosting to guarantee strong branding).

During the conference the organisers should get feedback from the participants on the event. After the conference, the local organiser will have to report to the Topical Events Committee (including the participant’s feedback).

If the conference was successful and met the EGU standards, the status as conference in the EGU Conference Series and the funding in the range as outlined above (subject to Council approval) will continue. For future conferences, no formal application will be required, but a short proposal sent to the Topical Events Committee one year in advance will be sufficient. The proposal will need to be supported by the representative of Council in the organising committee (or whoever is the designated EGU liaison person).

From time to time, the Council may task the Topical Events Committee to review all conferences, e.g. every 6 years. This will result in adding new conferences to and/or removing existing conferences from the EGU Conference Series.