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Training schools

EGU training schools offer early career scientists specialist training opportunities they do not normally have access to in their home institutions. This is done by assembling a group of expert teachers around a narrowly defined theme, technique or approach, in a location that is especially well set up to meet the specific training needs. Training schools can be positioned near emerging research opportunities, rapidly evolving fields, interdisciplinary approaches or highly specialised skills. They foster bonds between early career scientists and give them a chance to meet and discuss with current leaders of their field.

The EGU financial support must be used to facilitate the participation of early career scientists with limited funding through travel grants and/or to support the quality of the school by organising field trips or by inviting exceptional lecturers.

Applications for sponsorship of training schools can be submitted via the meeting support request form.

Recently co-sponsored training schools

Call for 2019

In this call, the EGU received 29 proposals, 17 of which are being co-sponsored, corresponding to a total of 88000 EUR.