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EGU to fund 17 training schools and conferences in 2020

3 February 2020

The EGU has announced the 14 training schools in the Earth, planetary and space sciences for which it will provide financial support in 2020. The EGU will also help sponsor two Galileo Conferences as well as one meeting in the EGU conferences series, bringing the Union’s total contribution toward the organisation of geoscience conferences and training schools convened by EGU members to EUR 105,000.

EGU training schools offer Early Career Scientists specialist training opportunities that they normally don’t have access to at their home institutions. In 2020, these courses will receive a total of EUR 87,000 in support from the EGU. The 14 selected training schools, which were chosen from 27 proposals, will cover a wide variety of geoscience topics ranging from foraminifera and natural hazards to numerical weather prediction models.

In last summer’s call for funding, the EGU also welcomed proposals for meetings within the EGU conference series, which encourage sustained dialogue within specialist research communities. In 2020, EGU plans to contribute EUR 8000 towards the 17th Plinius Conference on Mediterranean Risks.

This year the EGU will also contribute EUR 10,000 to two Galileo Conferences, which address well-focused, cutting-edge topics at the frontier of geosciences research. The ‘7th EGU Galileo Conference: Second workshop on isotope-based studies of water partitioning and plant-soil interactions’ will take place in Hannover, Germany from 22–24 July 2020, and the ‘8th EGU Galileo Conference: European vision for hydrological observations and experimentation’ will be held from 5–8 October 2020 in Napoli, Italy.

The EGU is currently accepting proposals for Galileo Conferences taking place during the March 2020 – February 2021 period. EGU members can propose a conference and apply for funding through 29 February 2020.


Jürg Schweizer
Topical Events Committee Chair

Peter van der Beek
Galileo Conference Coordinator


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