Antarctica Day and year-end celebrations, plus updates on the latest vEGU21 news!
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Issue 72, December 2020
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Credit: Helen Millman via Imaggeo

Antarctica Day

A milestone of collaborative research

The Antarctic Treaty, signed on 1 December 1959, set aside nearly 10% of the Earth for peaceful purposes in the interest of all humankind. But Antarctica seems far from most people’s lives, especially during 2020. So why is research in Antarctica so important? EGU asks experts why they think it really matters. Read more!

Science Policy

GeoPolicy: European Research Council funding opportunities – your questions answered!

In October, EGU hosted a webinar highlighting key features of ERC individual grants, with a special focus on the Earth System Sciences panel (PE10). There were more questions than the panelists had time to answer, so they’ve kindly addressed them in this blog.

Read their answers here!

Watch the session here!

New! EGU Science for Policy Newsletter

Just in time for the new year, EGU’s monthly database of expertise email has a colourful new look. This issue highlights upcoming EU consultations likely to be of interest to geoscientists plus a holiday reading recommendation.

Read it here!

Credit: European Union 2015 - European Parliament via Flickr

Journal Watch

“In this paper, we combine for the first time ice flow modeling and ice dating based on radionuclide contamination to derive an accurate map of the age of ice at Gauligletscher … we take advantage of these new data … to update our prediction of the location of the Dakota airplane…”

Jouvet et al, 2020, The Cryosphere


December EGU journal highlights


For vEGU21, the Union is offering the most extensive scheme of annual meeting registration fee waivers and reductions in our history!

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Want to promote your session or start a conversation about vEGU21? The engagement toolkit is now available.

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Resource of the month

Top 5 (last-minute) gifts for geoscientists…!

From the ultimate sample collection kit (ziplocks & markers) to cake (no, really!), EGU has you covered with our last-minute guide. And the #1 gift? View it here!

Upcoming Dates

EGU General Assembly 2021

The abstract submission deadline for vEGU21 is 13 January at 13:00 CET.

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EGU Education Fellowships

EGU’s Education Committee is seeking two ECS fellows interested in helping to spread the word about geoscience educational developments, innovations, and opportunities, including EGU’s GIFT workshops. The deadline to apply is 29 January.

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