EGU observes Women in Science Month!
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Issue 98, February 2023
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EGU observes Women in Science Month!

Exceptional stories from extraordinary women, and alternative careers for women in science

This month, EGU celebrated International Day for Women and Girls in Science, all through February! We spoke to scores of talented women in science to hear their stories, the paths that they have taken, and what their science means to them. We also asked what drives them to excel in their field and how other young girls and women can embrace careers in science. Click to read both blogs now!

We have heard the expression ‘making a mountain of a molehill’. But most women cannot report a molehill, and most men do not think they are part of the problem. Ingrid Anell examines this complex web, the challenges that hinder gender equity and ways to keep women in academia.

As a reminder, registrations are open for EGU23! Members of the media are eligible for free registration, see more here. Stay tuned for our next monthly Update from our conference organiser Copernicus, arriving early March. We recommend subscribing to all Updates here to stay up to date with the upcoming General Assembly.

Science Policy

GeoPolicy: Exploring life inside the European Parliament

In November 2022, Elias Symeonakis was paired with Member of the European Parliament Norbert Lins, an MEP representing Germany and the Group of the European People’s Party. Read now about Symeonakis’s experience with the Pairing Scheme along with his key take-home messages!

Credit: Inside the European Parliament. (Elias Symeonakis)

Smart4Policy: Reflect on your policy engagement skills

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre has launched a Smart4Policy online self-reflection tool to help policymakers and science-for-policy researchers reflect on their competence in fields relating to policy engagement. The tool helps you understand where your strengths lie and what areas you can improve on to increase your policy impact.

And as always, don’t miss this month’s Science for Policy Newsletter that features some new, exciting and interactive science for policy initiatives!

Journal Watch

“Significant relationships were found between peat initiation age and total thickness of organic deposits and between peat initiation age and a constructed covariate on groundwater-fed wetness based on the present-day hydraulic head relative to the mineral palaeosurface underneath the peat cover.”

Quik et al, 2023 Biogeosciences


February EGU journal highlights


EGU authors share why our journals are the perfect match!

Results are in from the EGU Publications Committee’s authors’ survey to learn about the authors’ publishing experience and identify how to even better serve the scientific community.

Resource of the month

Connecting Science And Art: How To Find And Be A Science-Artist

Why should scientists use art to communicate their research? How can you build a career as a science-artist? Find out on our latest free EGUwebinar available now!

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