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Equality, diversity and inclusion

EGU recognises the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion as a crucial foundation for the collaborative scientific research that is needed to address fundamental scientific questions, as well as key societal and environmental challenges. The increasing diversity of our membership in all its facets helps to foster fundamental and applied geoscience research to the benefit of humanity and our planet.

Since its founding, the Union has worked to ensure equitable treatment for everyone in our community and has goals to increase diversity at EGU events and on EGU committees and boards. The organisation is also working collaboratively with sister societies, including AGU and JpGU, on equality, diversity and inclusion issues.

In autumn 2018 the EGU Council established a working group whose aim is to promote and support equality, diversity and inclusion of opportunities in the Earth, planetary and space sciences, with a focus on EGU activities. The group works closely with the EGU Council and Outreach Committee.

The EDI Working Group tasks currently include:

The working group is composed of a chair (who serves a three-year term that may be renewed once) as well as representatives from within the EGU membership, sister associations, and the EGU Office staff.

Claudia Alves de Jesus-Rydin
European Research Council (ERC)
Alberto Montanari
University of Bologna
Anouk Beniest
Daniel Conley
Lund University
Daniel Parsons
University of Hull
Giuliana Panieri
UiT - The Arctic University of Norway
Helen M. Glaves
British Geological Survey
Holly J. Stein
University of Oslo
Ira Didenkulova
Tallinn University of Technology
Lara Pajewski
Sapienza University of Rome
Lisa Wingate
Liviu Matenco
Utrecht University
Taru Sandén
Guest members from sister organisations
Billy Williams
Chiaki T. Oguchi
Rie Hori
EGU Office support
Hazel Gibson
Terri Cook
Members of the EGU Working Group on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the EGU 2019 General Assembly
Members of the EGU Working Group on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the EGU 2019 General Assembly

Stay tuned, as this page will be updated closer to the EGU General Assembly listing sessions and short courses dedicated to equality, diversity and inclusion. Anyone interested in getting involved with the Working Group is encouraged to attend and actively take part in the discussions.


If you require more information on the EGU Working Group on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion please contact:

Claudia Alves de Jesus-Rydin

Claudia Alves de Jesus-Rydin

EDI Working Group Chair