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Diversity and equality

The EGU recognises the value of diversity and equality. Within its membership, geographical origin, gender, scientific discipline and age balance are all factors contributing to the success of the Union. Since its creation, the EGU has maintained a genuine interest in ensuring fair treatment for all in its community. With sister organisations (e.g., AGU and GSA) also taking on diversity and equality issues, the EGU has taken the opportunity to work collaboratively with sister societies on these important issues.

In autumn 2018, the EGU Council established the EGU Working Group on Diversity and Equality, with the aim to promote and support diversity and equality of opportunities in the Earth, planetary and space sciences, with particular focus on EGU activities. The group works closely with the EGU Outreach Committee and Council.

The D&E Working Group tasks are:

The working group is composed of a chair (with a three-year term renewable once) and members, including representatives from sister associations.

Claudia Alves de Jesus Rydin
European Research Council (ERC)
Alberto Montanari
University of Bologna
Daniel Conley
Lund University
Giuliana Panieri
UiT - The Arctic University of Norway
Holly J. Stein
University of Oslo
Ira Didenkulova
Tallinn University of Technology
Ján Szolgay
Slovak University of Technology
Lisa Wingate
Liviu Matenco
Utrecht University
Marie Bocher
ETH Zurich
Raffaele Albano
University of Basilicata
Taru Sandén
Members of the EGU Working Group on Diversity and Equality at the EGU 2019 General Assembly
Members of the EGU Working Group on Diversity and Equality at the EGU 2019 General Assembly

Diversity and equality sessions at the GA 2019

Diversity and Equality in the Geosciences (co-sponsored by AGU, EAG, and JpGU)

  • Diversity

Convener(s): Claudia Alves de Jesus Rydin
Co-Convener(s): Holly Stein, Liviu Matenco, Jill Karsten, Tim van Emmerik

Orals | Wed, 10 Apr, 14:00–15:45  Room L8
Posters | Attendance Wed, 10 Apr, 10:45–12:30  Hall X4

Following the success of previous years, this session will explore reasons for the under-representation of different groups (cultural, national and gender) by welcoming debate among scientists, decision-makers and policy analysts in the geosciences. The session will focus on both obstacles that contribute to under-representation and on best practices and innovative ideas to remove those obstacles. Contributions are solicited on the following topics: - Role models to inspire and further motivate others (life experience and/or their contributions to promote equality) - ...

Diversity & Equality Reception

  • Diversity
  • Early career scientists

Convener(s): Claudia Alves de Jesus Rydin
Co-Convener(s): Marie Bocher, Daniel Conley, Liviu Matenco, Holly Stein

Tue, 09 Apr, 18:00–19:00  EGU booth

Join the network to promote and support diversity and equality of opportunities in the geosciences.

Everything you wanted to know about AWARDS (but were afraid to ask!)

  • Diversity
  • Early career scientists

Convener(s): Lisa Wingate
Co-Convener(s): Claudia Alves de Jesus Rydin, Fabrizio Storti

Wed, 10 Apr, 08:30–10:15  Room -2.16

Within the geosciences there are a number of prestigious award and medal programmes that recognise the scholarly contributions of scientists in their research field. Recognition by the research community and general public can boost the self-confidence and self-identity of scientists as well as creating role models for present and future generations of geoscientists. Furthermore, awards can lead to further positive recognition in the form of tenure, promotion or grant application and thus can significantly boost the recipient’s career trajectory. This ...

Balancing work and personal life as a scientist

  • Diversity

Convener(s): Alena Ebinghaus
Co-Convener(s): Judith A. McKenzie, Carsten W. Mueller, Jörg Schnecker, Cordula Vogel

Wed, 10 Apr, 16:15–18:00  Room -2.85

Finding the right balance between academic career and private life may be a major career challenge within an increasingly competitive work environment. In the modern academic world scientists are increasingly exposed to different forms of stress resulting from time constrains, low job security, financial pressure or mental overload. While some people thrive and excel in this demanding system, many scientists end their careers in academia because of fewer perspectives to reconcile professional success with family life and personal social demands. ...

ADVANCEGeo Workshop - Strategies for Improving Workplace Environment in the Geosciences

  • Diversity

Convener(s): Taru Sandén
Co-Convener(s): Jörg Schnecker, Alix Vidal, Cordula Vogel

Mon, 08 Apr, 14:00–15:45  Room -2.31

Sexual and racial harassment and other hostile behaviors, including bullying and other forms of discrimination and incivilities, have wide-ranging detrimental effects on mental and physical wellbeing, including anxiety, depression, and physiological responses akin to trauma and can result in decreased motivation and work productivity. The tolerance of hostile behaviors can affect the community beyond the individual or individuals being targeted, and create negative work environments in entire research groups and departments. Traditional hierarchical structures within academia that create strong power ...

Unconscious bias

  • Diversity

Convener(s): Claudia Alves de Jesus Rydin
Co-Convener(s): Daniel Conley, Marie Bocher

Orals | Wed, 10 Apr, 12:45–13:45  Room -2.32

The goal of the short course is to increase awareness of the impact of gender unconscious bias and provide tools to facilitate equitable decision-making across a range of processes. In this short course you will be presented with various situations where gender imbalance may occur and you will be invited to interactively discuss concrete actions to change this reality. The situations presented will range from formal/institutional (e.g. recruitment and evaluation committees) to informal/individual (e.g. daily-life choices or actions). The short ...

500 Women Scientists meet-up

  • Diversity

Convener(s): Kelly Ramirez

Tue, 09 Apr, 16:15–18:00  Room 0.16

The mission of 500 Women Scientists is to serve society by making science open, inclusive, and accessible. Join us to grow our network in Europe.

Promoting and supporting equality of opportunities in geosciences (co-sponsored by AGU, and JpGU)

  • Diversity

Convener(s): Claudia Alves de Jesus Rydin
Co-Convener(s): Alberto Montanari, Robin Bell, Chiaki Oguchi, Lily Pereg

Orals | Thu, 11 Apr, 14:00–18:00  Room E1

In today’s changing world we need to tap the potential of every talented mind to develop solutions for a sustainable future. The existence of under-representation of different groups (cultural, national and gender) remains a reality across the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM fields) around the world, including the geosciences. This Union Symposium will focus on remaining obstacles that contribute to these imbalances, with the goal of identifying best practices and innovative ideas to overcome obstacles. EGU is ...


If you require more information on the EGU Working Group on Diversity and Equality please contact:

Claudia Alves de Jesus Rydin

Claudia Alves de Jesus Rydin

Diversity and Equality Working Group Chair