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The EGU is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in scientific research and to the free and universal accessibility of scientific publications in all areas of Earth, planetary and space sciences for the benefit of the scientists worldwide.

The EGU is a signatory of the 2003 Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities (Berlin Declaration) and all its open access publications are included in the directory of open access journals (DOAJ). In March 2016, the EGU endorsed Open Access 2020, an initiative to promote the large-scale transition from subscription to open access publishing.


The EGU is a dynamic, innovative and interdisciplinary learned society devoted to open access publishing under the following publication strategy:

The EGU, together with its publisher Copernicus, aims to achieve these objectives by:

Service charges

Open access electronic publication implies that the authors are expected to pay for the actual services provided by the publisher from pre-submission to publication of their articles online, while the costs for the production, handling and distribution of printed issues are covered separately by subscriptions. Since in all cases the same (PDF) article files are used and digital printing applied, these subscription rates are, in general, very moderate and no extra charges for colour illustrations are levied.